Our Story

The Company

Headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA.  ChartFast is an innovator in ROI automation and medical data analysis and presentation. We are bringing the power of big data to ROI.


Founded in 2013, ChartFast is committed to providing HIM solutions that will bring real savings to healthcare organizations, with a focus on ensuring our products create better patient outcomes.

What We Provide

ChartFast exists because we believe that getting the right medical information into the right hands at the right time is critical to improving healthcare.

We’ve completely redesigned the health information management model and developed a modern, data-centered platform to get our clients the right information quickly, securely and accurately.

The ChartFast platform is fully compliant with all relevant government and industry standards in information security and handling. Whether you are a record custodian that has fully implemented electronic records, still uses physical records, or manages both types of records, or a record requester working with healthcare providers, ChartFast can help.

ChartFast offers a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) based platform for the secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) between a healthcare organization and requesting entities.


Our software and services require no premised based servers or agents, so implementation time is fast. As an added benefit of the SaaS platform, all product enhancements come to you as soon as they are certified for customer use. Never again will you have to rip and replace your ROI or risk management systems when you need to upgrade.


The benefits of the ChartFast platform are clear.


For Healthcare Providers:

  • A flexible, easy to use ROI system
  • Complete security of communication and record delivery
  • Reduced cost and improved accuracy and performance


For Healthcare Plans (Requesters):

  • An intelligent request process
  • Reduced provider abrasion with better communication
  • Industry leading delivery rates, speed and accuracy


If you are ready for a better healthcare information experience, you are ready for ChartFast.  To find out more, visit our product pages for providers and requesters.  Or contact us directly at 888-202-1671.

Learn how ChartFast can provide your healthcare organization with leading ROI and risk management solutions.