ChartFast For Health Plans

ChartFast Record Request

Medical records are the critical success factor for almost every health plan function. Whether requesting thousands of records for Medicare Advantage, Commercial Exchange, HEDIS or STARS, or requesting just a single medical record for enrollment, eligibility, disability or claims review, ChartFast is your Medical Record Retrieval (MRR) solution.

ChartFast’s web-based platform allows health plans to electronically submit requests, communicate with providers, track the status of those requests and receive the medical records without sending one piece of paper or even making one telephone call.

We make certain that your requests are completed quickly, accurately and delivered electronically, while ensuring that healthcare providers are not overly burdened by the request. Our advanced systems and proven processes ensure that you get the records you requested in the time frame you require.

With ChartFast you get:

  • Intelligent Requesting – Our team will manage the entire process, from the upload of your request file to the successful delivery of all requested records
  • Provider/Plan Relationship Building – We will work with providers to reduce abrasion and simplify the transfer of requested information
  • Unequaled Record Delivery Rates/Speed/Quality – Our platform and service methodology results in industry leading delivery times and success rates