ChartFast Audit Central

ChartFast Audit Central

Audit requests are an involved process.  Finding specific information in specific records covering specific time periods takes a great deal of effort. Responding to audit requests turns your healthcare practice into a records management business.

ChartFast Audit Central can take much of that burden from you. Our platform allows health plans to enter a single request or upload a file for multiple requests. Our expert staff will work with the plan to ensure the record request is correct before you ever see it. With ChartFast Audit Central, your cost to respond to an audit will be drastically reduced, whether it’s an RADV audit or HEDIS audit. Your ability to respond to an audit will be greatly improved, increasing response accuracy while improving the time to response.

ChartFast Release Pro

For years, the Release of Information (ROI) process has been a challenge for healthcare organizations. It is a complex and heavily regulated activity. Recognizing this, most healthcare organizations have either purchased software to assist with the process or have outsourced the entire ROI process to vendors, often with varying degrees of success and patient satisfaction.

ChartFast Release Pro is a simple, yet powerful solution for medical release of information requests. Our platform consolidates requests online and provides an elegant management console to receive requests, review authorizations, respond to requestors’ inquiries, automate compliance with HIPAA disclosures rules, charge, bill and collect payments, and ultimately release records. We reduce turnaround time, free resources, eliminate phone calls, and increase patient satisfaction.


ChartFast Litigation Alert

Medical malpractice payouts in the United States exceeded $4 billion in 2015. Those payouts (plus the administrative costs to defend healthcare provider organizations against claims) are increasing at an average of 4% per year. Dealing with the increasing number of claims has put an incredible amount of strain on the legal and risk management teams in healthcare organizations. Despite the time, effort and expertise expended, healthcare organizations are often caught off-guard when a malpractice claim is issued, leaving the organization scrambling to line up the appropriate resources to respond to the claim.

ChartFast Litigation Alert helps your organization by monitoring all requests for medical records while alerting your risk management organization when a request might mean a malpractice claim is being considered. The early alert will provide your staff with the ability to proactively deal with potential issues, saving your organization money while potentially averting costly litigation.