What to know about ChartFast Release Pro

What to know about ChartFast Release Pro

Here at ChartFast, our flagship product is designed with YOU in mind, whether you are a patient, provider, or insurer.

The fact is, if you are handling your medical release of information process the old-fashioned way, you are wasting valuable time and resources.

Consider that you have to wade through a cumbersome, manual regulatory process, and it isn’t hard to see where there’s room for innovation. That’s where we come in.

We offer a simple, secure, yet powerful solution to handling medical release of information requests. Through our user-friendly management console, you can receive new requests, review authorizations, automate compliance, and effectively respond to requestor inquiries.

The best part of working with ChartFast comes in the form of fewer headaches on your part. You don’t have to store any expensive onsite hardware or invest in a huge IT staff to manage the process.

Our cloud-based system handles everything quickly and painlessly for you. Even better, it does it safely and securely. Our Software as a Service platform not only meets required HIPAA recommendations, it exceeds them.

We understand that your patient’s protected health information should be treated like the precious resource that it is. As you migrate your processes from the paper to the digital world, we understand the importance of cyber security.

We have built in a world-class, industry-leading security infrastructure that virtually guarantees you won’t have to worry about hacking or compromised patient health information.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about how our best-in-class, industry-leading release of information platform can revolutionize the way you release protected patient health information.